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District Policies & Documents

Direct access to a variety of district publications, policies and forms is available here.  Additional forms can also be found on the pages of the various departments using the navigational links on the left.

In order to access some of the documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. 

2013-14 Immunization Forms (9 Files)
Download 2013 Season Parent Consent Form-Baldwin County MIST
Download 2013-2014 Season Parent Consent Form-IIV Baldwin SHOT (2)
Download 2013-2014 Spanish VIS Inactive Injectable
Download 2013-2014 VIS Spanish Live MIST
Download 2013-2014 VIS_INACTIVATED English
Download 2013-2014Spanish Parent Consent Form Flu Mist
Download 2013-2014Spanish Parent Consent Form Shot
Download Flu Vaccination Schedule 2013
Download Flu Vaccine Live Intranasal 2013-2014
2013-14 REGISTRATION (4 Files)
Download 2013-14 Student Handbook
Download 2013-14 Student Handbook - Spanish
District Policies & Documents (14 Files)
Download 2014 AdvancedEd Exit Report
Download 2014 Baldwin Graduation Rate Roster
Download Alabama Code of Ethics
Download Student Medications
District Policies (5 Files)
Download Attendance Policy
Download Drug Testing Policy
Download School Guardianship Policy
Download Sexual Harrassment Policy
Download Wellness Policy
Technology Documents (2 Files)
Download Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy
Download BCBE Online Privacy Policy
Financial Presentations (1 Files)
Download State of the System Report - Nov. 2013
Board Policy Manual (1 Files)
Download Board Policy Manual
Digital Renaissance (3 Files)
Download Digital Renaissance Leadership Academy Application Form
Download Digital Renassaince Leadership Form Instructions
Download Digital Renaissance Leadership Academy Invitation from Dr. Lee
District Forms (11 Files)
Download Chaperone Guidelines Form
Download Field Trip Permission Form A (with lunch question)
Download Field Trip Permission Form B
Download Medical Information Release Form
Download Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Download Release of Gifted Records into Baldwin County
Download Release of Gifted Records Out of Baldwin County
Download Student Accident Form
Download Student Records Requisition Form
Download T-100 Care of Textbooks
Download Transportation Agreement
Spanish Forms/Formulario en español (123 Files)
Download 13-14 Grey Registraton Card Spanish
Download 13-14 Laptop Agreement Spanish
Download 13-14 Registration form Spanish
Download 13-14 Uniform Chart spanish
Download 504 DOCUMENTACIÓN DE PARTICIPACIÓN EN EL PLAN (Participation Documentation)
Download 504.1 REFERENCIA (Parent Referral)
Download 504.3 DECLARACIÓN DEL MÉDICO (Physician Statement)
Download 504.4 AVISO DE PROPUESTA DE JUNTA (Notice of Meeting)
Download 504.6 ELEGIBILIDAD & PLAN (Eligibility & PLAN)
Download Absences attend school everyday - Spanish
Download Agency and community Resources - Spanish
Download Agricultural Survey - English
Download Agricultural Survey - Spanish
Download Alabama HS Diploma Endorsement Change - Spanish
Download Attendance Brochures 9-12 - Spanish - Normas de asistencia - Grados 9-12
Download Attendance Brochures K-8 -Spanish - Normas de asistencia - Grados K-8
Download Attendance Legal Notice - Spanish
Download Attendance Policy Spanish
Download Authorization of Release of Special Ed Records - Spanish
Download BC Mental Health Referral Form- Spanish
Download BCBE Drug free school Policy 2 page - Spanish
Download BCBE Student Intake Form No 2
Download Bus Disciplinary Referral - Spanish
Download Care of State owned books - Spanish
Download Chaperone Guidelines - Spanish
Download Chicken Pox Letter - Spanish
Download Conjuctivitis Pinkeye - Spanish
Download Continued Head Lice - Spanish
Download Cumulative school health record - Spanish
Download Determination of Residency Status -Spanish
Download Diarrhea - Spanish
Download Diet Prescription - Spanish
Download Dispute Resolution Policy - Spanish
Download Drug Free Policy 3 page - Spanish
Download Drug Free School Policy 18 page - Spanish
Download Drug Free School Policy Student Consent and Release form - Spanish
Download Drug Testing parent Letter - Spanish
Download Early Exit Application - Spanish
Download Emergency Info and Release Form -General - Spanish
Download Excessive Unexcused tardies K-8 spanish
Download Excused Absence K8 SP
Download Excused Absence Warning 9-12
Download Expired Immunization letter - Spanish
Download Explusion letter Spanish updated 11-13
Download Exposure Procedures Blood and Body fluid - Spanish
Download Exposure Procedures Blood and Body Fluids - Spanish
Download FACE Permission - Spanish
Download Fact Sheet- Standard precautions - Spanish
Download Field Trip Form - Spanish
Download Fifth Disease - Spanish
Download Flu - Spanish
Download Free and Reduced Meals Family Application - Spanish
Download Free reduced meals letter - Spanish
Download GIS Address for Current Housing Type - Spanish
Download Good Touch Bad Touch Secret Touch - Spanish
Download Hand Foot and Mouth Disease - Spanish
Download Hand Foot and Mouth Disease - Spanish
Download Headlice - Spanish
Download High School Early Exit Guidelines and Procedures - Spanish
Download Home Language Survey - English
Download Home Language Survey - Spanish
Download Home Language Survey Portuguese
Download HS Diploma Endorsement for AL Change Request form - Spanish
Download Hygiene Letter - Spanish
Download I-Net Permission form for HS - Spanish
Download I-Net Permission Form for K -8 Spanish
Download Immunization Guidelines Memo - Spanish
Download Immunization letter to Parents - Spanish
Download Impetigo Spanish
Download Internet publishing permission - Spanish
Download Juvenile Detention Center detainee handbook of rules - Spanish
Download Legal Notice - Spanish
Download Lice in Classroom - Spanish
Download Lice Tip Sheet - Spanish
Download MacBook Parent Orientation Powerpoint Spanish
Download Medical Consent Form - Spanish
Download Medical Prescriber - parent Authorization - Spanish
Download Meningococcal Disease - Spanish
Download Mission Vision - Spanish
Download Observation consent letter - Spanish
Download Off Campus Suspension - Spanish
Download Off campus Suspension expulsion - Spanish
Download On campus suspension notice - spanish
Download Parent Permission for Medicatin Adm - Spanish
Download Peanut Allergies - Spanish
Download Phote Film Parent Permission Form - Spanish
Download Pre K Transportation Commitment letter - Spanish and English
Download Progress Report - Elementary Spanish
Download Rash of Unknown Origin - Spanish
Download Referral to Physician - Spanish
Download Report Card - Kindergarten iNow 13-14 Spanish
Download Report Card - Pre - Kindergarten English and Spanish
Download Retention Appointment letter - Spanish
Download Retention Possible Letter - Spanish
Download Ringworm - Spanish
Download Ringworm of the Scalp - Spanish
Download Ringworm parent letter - Spanish
Download Salary Verification Letter for CNP - Spanish
Download Scabies Spanish
Download School Enrollment Dispute Form - Spanish
Download Scoliosis referral letter - Spanish
Download Special Ed School Intake Form - Spanish
Download Sports Physician certificate - Spanish
Download Standard Precaution - Disease Control - Spanish
Download Strep Throat Scarlet fever - Spanish
Download Student Intake Spec Ed form Spanish
Download Student Residency Questionnaire - Spanish
Download Student Temperature Spanish
Download Suspension Notice - Spanish
Download Tardies Unexcused Letter - K -8 SP
Download Tinea Vericolar - Spanish
Download Title I Parent Involvment Policy - Spanish
Download Title I Parental Involvement LEA Policy Plan 2010-2011
Download Too Sick for School - Spanish
Download Unexcused Absence Letter 9-12
Download Unexcused Absense Letter K - 8
Download Unexcused Tardy Letter 9 - 12
Download Updated Blue card Requirements - Spanish
Download Vomiting Spanish
Download When to keep a sick child home from School - Spanish
Download Worthless Check Procedures - Spanish
Attendance Zones (1 Files)
Download Attendance Zone Maps
Board Member Districts (1 Files)
Download Board Member Districts
District Accreditation Report, Comprehensive Plan (3 Files)
Download Comprehensive Plan
Download Supt. Search Brochure
Grant Procedures (2 Files)
Download Grant Procedures_1.pdf
Download Revised Grant Routing Slip 7-1-10_2.pdf
Zone Variance Guidelines and Form (1 Files)
Download Zone Variance Guidelines