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Virtual Field Trips
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Virtual Field Trips


The ACCESS program provides each high school with the equipment needed to participate in virtual field trips.  Virtual field trips allow students to access a variety of museums, research centers and many other remote locations without ever leaving school.

 Planning a Virtual Field Trip

  • Locate a remote site to connect to (see resources below)
  • Contact IT Services to let us know about your trip
  • Ensure that your trip does not conflict with any ACCESS class that may be scheduled in the ACCESS lab
  • Prepare students (and yourself) to use the distance learning equipment before the field trip.  Don't let technical problems interfere with the learning on the day of the trip.
  • Demonstrate and practice asking questions.  Students will need to speak clearly and loudly during the videoconference.
  • Complete any pre-tour activities, lessons, and research.  Many remote sites have suggested activities that will prepare students for the videoconference.  The more prepared students are, the more they will learn during the trip.  If no materials are provided, at least have students prepare questions that might want to ask during the videoconference.
  • Invite your principal or other teachers to attend the videoconference

Finding a Virtual Fieldtrip


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