Now Home Portal for Students and Parents

The Baldwin County Public School System is pleased to announce that the INow Home Portal is now available.  Parents and students now have the ability to view grades, attendance, discipline, schedule, assignment, and demographic data for students just as they did in the past.

Please note, you will be prompted to login twice and will have to enter both logins every time you log into the Home Portal! Please carefully read all of the instructions below.

Please note, you will be prompted to login twice and will have to enter both logins every time you log into the Home Portal!

At the first login prompt:

Use the user name: homeuser
Use the password: homeuser1

At the second login prompt (the InformationNOW page):

Type the user name provided to you by your school.
Type the password for this account. 
(The first time you login you will use the temporary password provided by the school, and then change it.)


Use the following link and instructions to access the Home Portal:

After clicking the link above or typing the URL into your web browser address bar, you will receive a prompt asking you to connect to the INow server. The prompt you receive should look like this:



The username you need to enter is: homeuser

The password you need to enter is: homeuser1

(Please note that the password is case sensitive so you must type the password in exactly as it is shown above.)

You will have to enter the above login information first, every time you log into the Home Portal. After correctly entering the login information above, you will be taken to the InformationNOW Login Page, which should look similar to this:


On this screen, you will enter the username and password that is provided on your student's INow Home Portal Login Slip (distributed by school with your student's report card).

Upon your initial login using the default password, you will be immediately asked to change your password. You will enter the password provided on your student's login slip into the ‘Old Password:' field and then enter your newly created password two times below (as seen in the image on the right). Security is paramount - your new password must be at least eight (8) characters long, must contain a mixture of alpha and numeric characters, and is case-sensitive. Do NOT share your password with others!


Here are some additional items to consider when using the INow Home Portal:

  1. Keep your username and password secure - do not share it with others!
  2. Locked Accounts - If you attempt to login 3 times and fail each time due to an incorrect password, your account will be "locked" and you will not be able to login until it is "unlocked". Accounts remain locked for a period of 60 minutes after they've been locked. In the event your account gets locked, you must wait at least one hour before attempting to login again.
  3. Forgotten Passwords - If you forget your Home Portal password, you will have to go the School office of your student to receive a new password. Username and password information will not be given out over the phone.