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      Feb. 11        ONLINE ORDERS ONLY  
    Mar.   1        $50 LATE CHARGE BEGINS
      Apr. 14        Last day order Balfour items (except C&G)
    Apr. 28        Senior Awards Day (8 a.m. in the Gym)
    May   1        Last day to order Cap & Gown
    May   5        Last day to pay school fees online
    May 12        Cap & Gown Distribution (10-11 a.m./Cafeteria)
    May 12        Senior Picnic (11 a.m./Pepsi Palace)                          
    May 14        Baccalaureate Service (TBA)
      May 16        Graduation Practice (9:30 a.m./Trojan Field)
      May 16        Graduation (7 p.m./Trojan Field) 

A meeting was held for Seniors on Thursday, April 20, to discuss graduation and related events.

Each student was given written graduation procedures to take home to parents.  These documents can also be found on the left side of this webpage (Graduation Procedures 2017 and Senior Picnic).  The Signature Page is posted separately also for ease of printing.  This document must be signed by both the student and a parent/guardian and presented in exchange for a Cap & Gown on May 12.   

Please be sure to read these documents very carefully and contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

It was stressed to students that all debts to the school should be taken care of well in advance of Friday, May 12, Cap & Gown Distribution Day.  They were reminded that I cannot give them their C&G if they owe the school. 

If you are unsure if you have outstanding obligations to the school, trade school, library or cafeteria, please call to inquire.

Students should try on their Caps & Gowns while they are still on campus or IMMEDIATELY when they get home.  If a gown does not fit, I need to know ON THAT FRIDAY BEFORE 3 p.m.   Care instructions are included in the C&G package. 

Girls’ footwear should fit well and allow them to walk with ease across the football field and up/down stairs. 

Because it is our tradition here at DHS to hold an outdoor event for graduation, weather is always the number one concern for practice and for the ceremony. 

Weather permitting, practice will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Trojan Field.  If it is raining, we will practice in Trojan Hall instead. 

Students have been told to CLEAR THEIR SCHEDULE FOR THE MORNING OF MAY 16 and to plan to stay until we get it right.  Students who do not fully participate in practice WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY. 

Students are to report to the visitor’s side of Trojan Field by 6 p.m. that night.  If we are forced indoors due to inclement weather the call will be made by 2 p.m. and we will go instead to the Daphne Civic Center.  There are no restrictions on the number of people admitted to the outdoor event.  Each graduating senior will be allowed 4 guests for the indoor ceremony and each will receive tickets in their C&G packet which MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE DOOR.  

PLEASE REMEMBER:   All money, books, equipment, etc. owed to the school MUST be paid in full BEFORE a Cap & Gown will be issued.  You are encouraged to settle all accounts WELL BEFORE Cap & Gown Distribution Day, Friday, May 12.  
Seniors who still have unpaid obligations WILL NOT BE ADMITTED to the cafeteria to pick up their cap & gown.  They will be rerouted to the school office to settle accounts.  This is a time consuming and chaotic process. There is only one person in the office who is authorized to accept and receipt payments.   Students who do not make it back to the cafeteria within the designated time we are there will have to wait until early afternoon to get their C&G.  PLEASE, DO NOT GET CAUGHT IN THIS UNPLEASANT SITUATION.

This page has been created to help seniors and their parents stay informed throughout the school year about matters pertaining to graduation.

During the 2016-2017 school year, I will communicate with you by posting to the school's website and Facebook, sending emails, and via school cast phone calls.  

Seniors and their parents are asked to maintain current contact information with the school throughout the year and to visit www.daphnehs.com frequently to stay abreast of the news.  

This page can be easily accessed from the main page by clicking on the "Class of 2017 Graduation Information" button or selecting the “Academics” tab and then “Graduation 2017” (10th one down on the menu).  

Posts will naturally increase as graduation nears.  I will maintain a running list of important dates and deadlines for quick reference, which will often be accompanied by a brief entry farther down on the page.

Feel free to email me, Ellen Marler, Graduation Coordinator, at any time with questions or concerns.  (emarler@bcbe.org) 

Use the link below to submit your final transcript request and scholarship information. 


Colleges must receive your final transcript before you can begin classes next year.   This is very important!

Please enter ALL scholarship offers and indicate which scholarship you are “accepting” for which you will be recognized at the Senior Awards Ceremony which will be held Friday, April 28 at at 8 am in the gym.   We will compile all scholarships into the final calculation for your class.  (Example-UAB- Accepted 34,000; YMCA- Accepted- $500; Baldwin EMC- Accepted $500; USA- Offered 12,000; Troy- Offered 15,000; UA- Offered 18,000, etc.

(Additional scholarships awarded to you can be added by using the same link to submit them to Ms. Minto.)

There are many scholarship deadlines approaching! Apply! Apply! Apply!  Every little bit helps!  Official transcripts can be obtained for these applications from the registrar, Mrs. Marquis.  

All orders for Caps & Gowns now must be placed on line (see Balfour Online Order Tutorial on left side bar) and will now include a $50 late charge.

Balfour offers many very nice items including high-quality invitations/announcements.  (The official school logo cannot be used on invitations purchased from other sources.)

If ordering invitations please note:

•  Young ladies should use “Miss” in front of their full formal name and should not use initials. 

•  Young men should not place a title in front of their name but should use a suffix, if applicable, such as Jr. or III.  Young men may also use an initial rather than their middle name if they prefer.

•  Please print as legibly as possible and remember to use upper and lowercase letters because the senior’s name will be printed on the invitations exactly as it appears on the top line of the order form. 

Only FULL payments of money orders, check, debit and credit will be accepted and should be made out to BALFOUR.  PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.  

All items are optional except the cap & gown packet called the Graduation Supply Cost on Line 45 for $60.30. Included are a cap & gown, a tassel, a collar (girls only), a diploma and a diploma cover. Students who participate in the graduation ceremony are REQUIRED to purchase their gowns from Balfour.  Caps & Gowns from previous years or purchased from a different source are not allowed. 

Once all items have been totaled, add $14.00 for package & handling charges (pre-printed on order form) subtotal and then add 9.5% (x .095) to arrive at the final total.  Students must provide their gender, height, and weight as this information is used to determine the size and fit of each gown.  

COSTS:  If ordering only the C&G the total price will be $136.11 ($60.30 + $50.00 late charge + $14.00 = $124.30 subtotal + $11.81 tax).   
Additionally, Cap & Gown orders will no longer be accepted at all after May 1.  All other items, such as announcements, etc.  must be ordered prior to April 14. 
Please contact me with questions.
If you are graduating in December you will be responsible for staying abreast of all graduation news by visiting this web page frequently and checking your emails, etc. It is also vital that I be able to contact you after you leave campus for the year. CONTACT ME IF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION CHANGES!
Remember to update your personal contact information if anything changes by CLICKING HERE to return to the form you completed before leaving in December.

Daphne High School has chosen the Balfour Company to provide seniors with all items necessary for graduation as well as other products and memorabilia.  Balfour contact information will remain posted on this page for your convenience.

Seniors who participate in the graduation ceremony MUST purchase their senior supplies from Balfour.  These supplies include a cap & gown, tassel, diploma and diploma cover.  (CAPS & GOWNS FROM PREVIOUS YEARS CANNOT BE USED.)


Please remember, if you choose to order announcements/invitations from someone other than Balfour or decide to produce your own, you may not use the school's logo. This is a copyrighted property and Balfour is the only authorized user of this image for purposes of graduation invitations.   


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