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Gulf Shores Middle School

Newspaper Application 2017-2018

Question: What do you do in Newspaper?

Answer: Commitment to Superiority

GSMS’s newspaper staff is dedicated to writing and publishing articles about the

wonderful things that happen at our school. These articles are published on the

school website, school social media, and numerous local newspapers, magazines, and

websites. The staff also puts out a weekly video newscast, Dolphin News Network.

GSMS’s newspaper staff is an opportunity for student writers to practice and improve

their writing skills. Each year, the staff’s goal is to gain knowledge about writing styles

and methods that can progress their writing while recording GSMS events and sharing

them with the community. The staff competes in writing competitions and numerous

projects. Staff members are also responsible for photography and interviews that

pertain to articles they are writing.

We are currently accepting applications for new staff members for the 2017-2018

school year. By applying for a position on the GSMS newspaper staff, you are

accepting a trusted role in recording our school’s history, becoming a member of

a team and a co-curricular activity that will require an all year elective class and

after school hours to meet deadlines. Our articles are written 100% digitally, so it

is important that you have a good understanding of technology and

ChromeBooks. Good writing skills and a desire to improve your writing skills

are essential for being on the GSMS newspaper staff.

**To join the newspaper staff, you must complete an application and submit two

r ecommendation letters.

Deadline to apply for consideration is Monday, May 2nd.

Applications and letters are recommendations must

be at the GSMS office by 3pm on May 1st.

Applications can be emailed to Ms. Reeves at

*If you are interested in both newspaper and yearbook, you may apply for both. You will

only be selected for one.*