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Gulf Shores Middle School

Yearbook Application 2017-2018

Question: What do you do in Yearbook?

Answer: Commitment to Excellence

The Wave, GSMS’s award-winning, full-color yearbook, has established tradition of

excellence in scholastic publications. Each year, the staff’s goal is to define and record

the school year in a poignant and provoking photographic historical record that creates

lasting memories of student life, sports, academics, clubs, our school community, and

most importantly, the people who breathe life into our school.

Members of the yearbook staff are entrusted to plan the yearbook from cover to

cover. Under student leadership, we decide all content, interview, photograph,

write, design and represent Gulf Shores Middle School, a role that we take very

seriously. We schedule and conduct picture days, club picture days, and

distribute pictures. We also sell and design advertising. We conduct surveys, and

assemble all photos. In short, we do it all. It’s a lot of work, a lot of fun, and it is

an incredible real-world publishing experience. It’s a fast paced, deadlineoriented

team of hard workers. Truth and trust are key elements of our mission

for the yearbook.

We are currently accepting applications for new staff members for the 2017-2018

school year. By applying for a position on the GSMS yearbook staff, you are

accepting a trusted role in recording our school’s history, becoming a member

of a team and a co-curricular activity that will require an all year elective class

and after school hours for each deadline. Our yearbook is produced 100 percent

digitally, so it is important that you have a good understanding of technology

and ChromeBooks.

**To join the Yearbook staff, you must complete an application and submit two

recommendation letters.

Deadline to apply for consideration is Monday, May 1st.

Applications and letters are recommendations must

be at the GSMS office by 3pm on May 1st.

Applications can be emailed to Ms. Reeves at

*If you are interested in both yearbook and newspaper, you may apply for both. You will

only be selected for one.*