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Mrs. Cindy Bay

Phone: 251-961-2571 home/Cell 251-923-8521


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Education MA Cooperative Learning and Administration e-Mints training and DRLA

Mrs. Cindy Bay

      Hello!  I am Cindy Bay  and I have been teaching 25 years.  I am a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Cooperative Learning and Administration.  I also attended the University of Alabama. 
     I was in the fourth group of eMints and the first at our school.  I am also part of the Digital Renaissance Leadership Program.
     I currently teach sixth grade .  I enjoying coming to school each day to not only teach your children, but to learn from them as well. This coming year I will be teaching science, math,history,writing, and reading.  I have been going to workshops at NASA Stennis Space Flight Center and this summer I am going to a three-day workshop at Kennedy Space Flight Center.  I am excited to teach our students everything I have learned form NASA educators about Science and Math and carry it over to all of our other subjects. 
     Students and parents are welcome to call me at home if there are concerns about homework or any other questions.  My home phone number is 923-8521. My email is cbay@bcbe.org.
Cindy Bay