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Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Degree in Secondary Education from the University of South Alabama

Mrs. Felicia Penn


I am currently teaching 11th grade USHIS II and Psychology. These are two of my favorite subjects to teach, I have taught them several times over the last 15 years. I have always been a Baldwin County teacher and I am glad to call SFHS my home for the last 9 years. WOW! Has it been that long? I received a Master's Degree from the University of South Alabama in 2004. I have taught World History, USHIS I, USHIS II and Psychology.


The best way to reach me is by Email. 



For each chapter I provide students with a copy of my lecture notes, a PDF file of the textbook chapter, a textbook outline and a study guide (in History)

We usually have one quiz grade, one homework/classwork grade and one test grade for each chapter. We have 1-2 projects for each semester which count as test grades. I keep chapter assignments posted on MOODLE along with additional reading and studying material for students to use.

Since we cover a large amount of material I encourage students to study the class notes we reviewed that day for 20 minutes each night and avoid trying to cram for tests and quizzes.

My typical class format is an opening review of pervious material, assignment or bell ringer, lecture notes, open discussion, then review questions. Attendance is very important since I emphasis information in class that may not be obvious for students to identify as important. I also give more details than most textbook readings. 

I use to help students keep up with important dates and assignments. This program sends the student short text messages reminding them of test dates and upcoming assignments specific to my class. Parents may also sign up for this free service so they can receive the same messages as their child receives. 


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