• Peer Helper

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    Mission Statement

    Peer Helpers prepares students with counseling skills and referral techniques to provide a variety of support services for our student body. Students learn and practice a set of core skills that empower them to assist fellow students with the emotional, social, behavioral, and educational challenges they face in day-to-day life. Peer Helpers gain life skills including communication basics, problem-coping techniques, stress management, decision-making strategies, public health issues, and basic concepts of human behavior as they relate to peer tutoring, mentoring, and conflict resolution.


    Heather Price (hprice@bcbe.org)

    Sarah Siddiqi (SSiddiqi@bcbe.org)


  • Peer Helpers 2020 - 2021

8th Grade

  • Brylee Tidmore

    Peyton Pennington

    Isabel Froula

    Michelle Cat

    Laura Byrnes

    Brantley McCrary

    Macie Rayburn

    McKenna Hornsby

    Mikala Godfrey

    Emily Bleyswyk

    Reid Larson

    Belle Smith

7th Grade

  • Addison Walsh

    Emma Grace Solomon

    Isabella Marcal

    Kate Morris

    Roman Kim

    Kennedy Helton

    Olivia Davidson

    India Cooks

    Madi Bellew

    Cates Blackmon

    Mary Hays Gipson

    Graceyn Kern

    Kathleen Harris

    Caroline Downey

    Kensey June Collins

    Nathan Covo

    Lucy Winn

    Ella Claire Sullivan

    Darby Smith

    Addy Pierce

    William LaGroue 


6th Grade

  • Laila Pate

    Isabelle Walker

    Lucy Horn

    Jacob Korbe

    Locksley Johnston

    Ariana Hixon

    Stella Waters

    Murray Walker

    Sam Scott

    Grady Morris

    Wyatt Darley

    Haley Dae Elliott

    Gracie Thorpe

    London Daughty

    Christian Segar

    Halle Ann Stokes

    Addison Cosci