Math Club: Math Counts

  • At each meeting, Math Club students will have the chance to play with math in ways not usually seen in the math classroom. We may learn new strategies, break codes, play with patterns, use geometry to make beautiful art, and much more! During the fall semester, students will also practice the skills and strategies that anyone wanting to compete in the MathCounts Competition Series will need to succeed. Other competitions may be added throughout the year too!

    The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is a national program that provides students the opportunity to compete in live, in-person math contests against and alongside their peers.  Created in 1983, it is the longest-running MATHCOUNTS program and is open to all sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students.

    The Competition Series has 4 levels of competition—school, chapter, state, and national.

    For the last two years, the Spanish Fort Middle School team has won the chapter competition and traveled to compete in the state competition. I know we will have a great team this year as well! 

    All Math Club members will be eligible to compete in the school competition, and this year the top 10 students will compete in the chapter level. 

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