• Transcript Request

    Students may request an official transcript by completing a Transcript Request Form and submitting it to Ms. Mitchell in the office.  It is very important to follow the proper procedures, especially for seniors and/or students who have a deadline to meet!
    1)  Print out this form or pick up a hard copy in the office.  All information on the form must be complete, including the address of the college/university/institution to which the transcript will be sent.
    2)  Clip $2.00 to the request form.  If payment is not attached, the request will not be processed.  If a student has change only, an envelope is available from Ms. Mitchell.
    3)  The form and payment should be given to Ms. Mitchell in the office.  Transcripts may only be requested in person and in writing by the student or parent.  Transcripts are mailed out within 2 business days from receipt. 
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