• Welcome to Bay Minette Middle School. We look forward to your child joining our student body. Parents should register their new student online by going to: www.bcbe.org/registration. Look at

    2022-23 BCBE School Registration: New Student

    and choose either the “English” or “Spanish” link to enter your child’s information. Once you have completed the online process you will need to call and make an appointment to bring the items listed in the Admission Guidelines. You may call 580-2960 to make an appointment with our Registrar, Ms. Boyette.

    Admission Guidelines

    Parents or guardians shall provide the following information to enroll a child eligible for enrollment with the Baldwin County Board of Education:

    1. Proof of immunization

    2. Social Security card (voluntary)

    3. Certified birth certificate

    4. Two proofs of legal residency

    5. Withdrawal records from the previous school

    6. Students may not enroll who are currently suspended or expelled from their previous school.

    To enroll a student in the Baldwin County School System you must have legal custody of the student. Delegations of parental authority or powers of attorney will not be accepted. The enrolling guardian/custodian shall reside in the attendance zone in which enrollment is sought. The student being enrolled must actually reside with his/her guardian/custodian.

    It shall be the sole duty and responsibility of the enrolling parent, guardian or custodian to provide the school principal with a certified copy of any valid court order restricting contact or visitation by non- custodial parents(s). Copies of any such matters provided to the school principal will be placed on file in the local school.

    Eligibility for participation in athletic activities shall be determined in accordance with the Alabama High School Athletic Association transfer rules.