Registration & General Information


    Q. I need to register my student where do I go online?
    A.Our registration information is on this page for new and returning students: 

    Q. How and where do I enroll my child? When is summer registration?
    A. New and returning students can enroll using this page: The registrar at each school is responsible for answering specific questions regarding student enrollment; please call the school to make an appointment with the appropriate person before arriving. 

    All students, whether new to the school system or previously enrolled, are required to take part in any pre-registration activities the school may offer. During pre-registration, students may purchase P.E. uniforms, pay course fees, buy school yearbooks, rent lockers, pick up schedules, and visit classrooms. This list also includes elementary school events such as "Meet Your Teacher" Days, which is an opportunity for parents and students to meet the teacher prior to the opening of school. A list of all schools are under the schools tab of this web site.

    Q. What are the immunization requirements?

    Children entering school in the fall are required by Alabama Law to present a Certificate of Immunization formerly known as a “Blue Card “.
 Children entering Kindergarten need boosters of DTaP, Polio, MMR and Varicella. These shots complete the childhood series for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTap), Polio (IPV), Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) and Varicella.
 Children age 11 and entering the 6th grade need a Tdap vaccination. In addition, children in this age group are strongly recommended to receive HPV (a cancer preventing vaccine) and MCV4 which protects against the most common types of meningitis.
 If you are unsure if your child needs immunizations, check with your pediatric provider or the local County Health Department. For more information, visit the Alabama Department of Public Health website at
    Q. What information will I need to bring in order to register my child?
    A. Please bring the following documents with you for each child you wish to enroll:

    Birth certificate (For age verification)
    Social Security card [Social Security Card is not required, as per Federal guidance]
    Two proofs of residence
    One of these must be a recent utility bill with your Baldwin County address
    Withdrawal papers from last school attended, including transcript
    Immunization form
    All students are required by Alabama State Law to have an original certificate of immunization (IMM-50); copies are unacceptable. These certificates may be obtained from your local physician or Baldwin County Health Department in Robertsdale at 251.947.1910.

    You will be required to complete an enrollment form for each student. These will be made available by the registrar or counselor when you visit the school.   

    Q. What if I am not the legal guardian/custodian for a child? What do I need to do?

    A. To enroll a student in the Baldwin County School System you must have legal custody of the student. Delegations of parental authority or powers of attorney will not be accepted. The enrolling guardian/custodian shall reside in the attendance zone in which enrollment is sought. The student being enrolled must actually reside with his/her guardian/custodian.

    In addition to the matters noted in the preceding paragraph, it shall be the sole duty and responsibility of the enrolling guardian/custodian to provide all documentation otherwise required by the Baldwin County Board of Education as a prerequisite to enrollment.

    Please see the School Guardianship Guidelines for complete details.

    Q. How can I be certain which school my child should attend?

    A. Click on the School Zone Locator, read the disclaimer, press "enter" and then type in your address to see the schools that serve your address. The web-based school locator page is provided as a fast-reference service. It is very important that you contact the schools it lists to ensure that the information is indeed correct.

    Q. Do you allow a student to attend a school out of zone?

    A. In order to adequately project school facility needs in our rapidly growing county, currently the Board of Education only allows a zone variance – the ability to attend a school outside of one's own zone – in the case of extreme hardship, which is usually mostly medical in nature. Zone variances are not granted for the sake of convenience. If you believe you are eligible for a zone variance due to extreme hardship, please contact the principal of the school you wish your child to attend first.

    If the principal agrees that the student meets the requirements for eligibility for a zone variance, the parent must complete a Zone Variance Request Form provided by the school they are requesting to attend and attach a statement as to the necessity of the zone variance.

    For additional information, please review the Zone Variance Guidelines before submitting your request. The request form is here. *Please note: If a student has a zone variance, it is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation for the child.
    Q. How important is it to attend Open House events?

    A. Education is a collaborative effort between schools, parents, and the community at large. Open House events provide an opportunity for your child's teachers to share with you information specific to their grade level or course. Your presence is extremely important; you will learn exactly what is expected of your child in each setting and be shown ways you can help them achieve success.
    Q. What about fees? How do I pay them?

    A. Fees are set by your local school. Please contact your local school or check the school's registration information for details. Check your school's web site. School fees can be paid at the school office or online: You can find the school fee payment link also under "resources" at 

    Q. Where can I find the phone number and the principal's name for the school my child will attend?

    A. A list of all Baldwin County Schools is available here. This list provides phone numbers, principal's name, and links to each school's website.

    Q. How do I get a copy of the school's calendar?

    A. The official school system calendar is available here on the web site. All schools in the system follow this schedule for holidays, grading periods, and exam schedules. The school calendar is available on the school web site.

    Q. What about summers and holidays? What programs are available for my child?

    A. Summer activity opportunities abound for students across the county. Our school facilities are used for athletic clinics, conditioning exercise classes, and summer music and art instruction; you can find dates for these activities on this website or on the local school's website. Academic programs such as Camp Invention are also hosted by our schools.

    The YMCA of South Alabama often makes summer activities readily available. There are two branches of the YMCA in Baldwin County. The Bounds Family YMCA is located in Daphne at 8051 Whispering Pines Road. They may be reached at 251.626.0888. The Snook Family YMCA is located in Foley at 2560 South Pine Street. They may be reached at 251.970.3003.

    Every school works closely with its surrounding community to help ensure that children continue to grow and learn during their summer vacation and holiday breaks. City libraries sponsor summer reading programs and computer classes, while city recreation departments provide swimming, tennis, softball, soccer, and basketball activities. Competitive city leagues also offer students the opportunity to compete throughout the school year in a wide variety of sporting events. 

    Q. I'm relocating to Baldwin County where can I learn more information? This is a link to a "Relocation Guide". It is not a publication of Baldwin County Public Schools. An endorsement of the guide is neither expressed or implied.