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    1.  How do I know which school my child or children should attend?
     The School Zone Locator, available on our website, is used to verify which school your child should attend.Simply enter your physical address. Be sure to check with the school or schools the locator provides to ensure that your address is entered correctly. 

    Please check our Prospective Families section of our website for more information.

    2.  What is the process for requesting a Zone Variance?

    Complete the form, attach additional justification (letter of explanation), then submit it to the principal where you wish your child to attend. The principal reviews and sends it to the Director of Prevention & Support for final review. A letter is then sent to you with the final outcome of your request.

    3.  When will I know if my Zone Variance has been reviewed?

    The process typically takes 10-14 days to complete the necessary paperwork.

    4.  Where can I get the Zone Variance Form? 

    Click here

    5.  Where can I find the Attendance Policy for Baldwin County Schools?

         The attendance policy may be located in the BCBE Student Handbook. This is located on the main page of the BCBE website.

    6What are the requirements for excused absences? (BOE policy 985) 

    The following are permissible reasons for excused absences:

    • Student illness
    • Inclement weather, which makes it dangerous for students to attend school (as announced by the Superintendent)
    • Legal quarantine
    • Death in the immediate family
    • Emergency condition as determined by the principal or superintendent
    • Absence to observe traditional religious holidays of local, national, or international origin when verified by the student's minister or religious leader.

    A written note from the parents or guardians will excuse absences for up to but not exceeding nine absences in grades K-8 and four absences in grades 9-12. Future absences for illness will require a doctor's note in order to be excused.