• Evaluating Educational Websites

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                                                                  Tips for Parents and Teachers

         There are five important issues to consider when choosing educational websites for children:

    1.  Where did the website come from?  Is there information about the organization and or the site's          author?       

    2.  Is the site well designed?  Is it easy to read and navigate?  Are there ads overshadowing the content?

    3.  Is the content of the site appropriate and educational?

    4.  Does the site load quickly and have clear instructions?

    5.  Is the website current?  Is it updated regularly?

    All of the links that I have chosen to include on our classroom website satisfy the above concerns. I have purposely mixed online magazines and educational games together so that our students will be more inclined to explore the sites.  I have included links to authors' websites because it is important for our students to be aware that most authors today maintain interesting, interactive sites.  I have included lists of books that have received literary awards because I hope that our students will choose some of those books to read.  :)


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