Fairhope Middle School’s Bullying Prevention Programs


    Bullying Prevention Activities: Character education morning announcements are made each day by students to promote kindness, tolerance, and respect among the student body.

    Anti-bullying posters are placed in the hallways which address kindness and how to handle and report bullying. A recent bullying survey indicated that 90% of the student body surveyed agree that the school is a safe place. The survey also showed that 81% of respondents are familiar with the Jamari Terrell Williams Bullying Prevention Act. 

    Anti-bullying Prevention Programs: The 7th Grade Counselor conducts a bullying prevention program in September. Bullying prevention is addressed for 8th grade students during the orientation conducted by the 8th grade counselor.

    Choose Kindness Week: Choose Kindness Week is an annual event to promote kindness and respect for others. Activities include daily announcements from students about kindness and its positive effect on others, viewing random acts of kindness videos and discussion, student commitments to be kind to fellow peers and family members, and thank you notes written or texted to others. 

    Bullying Online Reporting: The School Counselors monitor an online bullying reporting system located on the homepage of the school website. Reports are investigated and followed up by the School Counselors, and the Administration is notified if discipline intervention is indicated. Reporting is confidential.

    Bullying Awareness Posters in the Hall
    Bullying Awareness Posters  
    Do The High Five
    Do The High Five
    Bullying Prevention Banner in the Cafeteria
    Bullying Prevention Banner
    Choose Kindness Week
    Choose Kindness Week
    Choose Kindness Pledge  
    Daily Character Education Announcements Sponsored By the
    Peer Helper Program and Broadcasted on Pirate Nation News
    Pirate Nation News  
    Student Harassment and Bullying Complaint Forms
    are Located in the Counselors' Office
    Student Harassment and Bullying Complaint Forms
    Online Bullying Reporting is on the Homepage of the School Website Under
    Report Bullying FIND IT FAST