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  • Resources available for checkout from Magnolia School Counselor's Office



    • Setting Limits and Boundaries – How to Say No to Your Kids
    • Families Talk About…. Wise Words on Discipline
    • Families Talk About…. Grandparents as Parents
    • ADHD What Can We Do?
    • Successful Parenting School Success Takes Teamwork: Taming the Homework Monster
    • Successful Parenting- Self Esteem is the Key
    • Successful Orienting-Communication is the Key
    • Yelling- Threatening & Putting Down: What to Do Instead
    • Lemons to Lemonade- How to Handel life when things go sour between Mom and Dad- A program for Children about Divorce


    • How do we tell the children? A step by step guide for helping children two to teen cope when someone dies by Dan Schaefer, Ph.D., & Christine Lyons
    • The Manipulative Child- How to regain control and raise resilient, resourceful, and independent kids by Swihart and Cotter
    • 100 Tips for Parents and teachers – PRAISING GIRLS WELL by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
    • Remarried with Children- Ten Secrets for Successfully Blending and Extending your Family by Barbara Lebey
    • Real Boys by William Pollack, Ph.D.
    • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey



    • Kids love to learn – Parents can help
    • Help Your Child with Writing
    • Helping Your Child Do Well in School
    • How to Help Your Child Handle Stress
    • How to Help Your Child with Homework
    • Ways to Help Your Child With Math