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    Which mythical creature will this become?  The making of a mythical creature!

    Distinguish Facts from Opinion



    Penguin Facts

    Example 1

    1. They swim to the bottom of the ocean and then swim back up to the layer of ice to catch fish. It is their tactic.
    2. They stay in large groups so penguins can watch other penguins kids.
    3. They can go into temperatures below freezing. 
     #11 12-16-15 White 6th grade


                                                           Three Penguin Facts

    - Penguins dive in the water to get food.
    - The mother and father take turns getting the food.
    - Emperor Penguins dive deep underwater to get a vantage point of fish.


    Example 2

    A. S.

    *Emperor penguins can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes

    *Penguins are birds that cannot fly

    *While one parent goes to find food, the other protects the offspring 



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    • 3-5 sentences in each paragraph 
    • 3-5 paragraphs 


    • Topic 
    • Introductory paragraph 
    • Main Body 1-3 paragraphs 
    • Concluding paragraph 


    • Spelling 
    • Grammar 
    • Capitalization


    Example 1

        Everybody has heard of a pumpkin. Right? When it comes to Halloween, everyone knows that a pumpkin is the way to celebrate. It is a Halloween "fun" tradition. here are a few facts about Halloween. 
        The pumpkin for many years was known by the word "pumpkin." It was popular with the American colonist. The word pumpkin cam from the greek word "pepon" meaning "large melon."Did you know that in the UK they'd use beets or cabbage instead of pumpkins? 
       Pumpkins would be used to resemble faces lit by candles. You can roast pumpkins seeds or bake a pumpkin pie. The insides of pumpkins are gross, but it is all worth it. Native Americans would use dried pumpkin strips to weave baskets and mats. 
        The coolest thing that I found out about pumpkins is that they are fruit. Yes, it is true. Pumpkins aren't veggies, but fruit. I thought that was really cool. 
         As you see from the facts I provided, Pumpkins Are amazing. Next Halloween, you should get a pumpkin to celebrate the fun. They are amazing.


    Example 2

    Did you ever wonder "Why are there pumpkins on halloween"?  "Where did the activity of making Jack-o-lanterns come from?"  In my essay I researched and found the answers to these questions.

    Farmers would harvest pumpkins around the time of Halloween so pumpkins became a Halloween tradition. Now we know pumpkins weren't just chosen randomly.  This answered one of my questions.

    The activity of making Jack-o-lanterns is a family fun activity. The activity of making Jack-o-lanterns comes from an irish legend called "Stingy Jack". The legend of "Stingy Jack" can be found on the internet


    Example 3

    Pumpkins are all sizes and shapes and they get carved.They were originally carved by the Irish but not everyone carves them.Pumpkins have 500 seeds each, you can make a lot of stuff out of pumpkins like pumpkin pie,pumpkin swirl cheesecake,and pumpkin puree.  Pumpkins actually come from the cucumber family,so they are not a vegetable.  Some people say that pumpkins are a berry I guess we will never know what family they come from.                                                                                                                                
     What some people want to know about pumpkins is why do people carve them.  But what people already know is that we like carving them and they are different from one another.  There are a lot of things we don't know about pumpkins but we will find out about those things.       

    Pumpkins are nutritious too.  They are high of vitamin a,b,and potassium.  They are low calories,low in salt,and contain no cholesteral.


    Example 4

                        PUMPKIN CARVING

      My topic is pumpkin carving.  I chose pumpkin carving because I like it.  I don't know about you, but I have a lot of fun carving pumpkins with my family.  

      You can make faces and other designs on them.  Like vampires,ghost,zombies,and scary stuff.  I like pumpkins with candles in them.

      I like baking pumpkin seeds and eating them.  Some people like making pumpkin pie.  Do you like doing things like this?

     I hope you like it.  Enjoy.


    Example 5

                                                          History Of Halloween 

              Halloween is a very popular day.   Children dress in costumes.   They also go to neighborhoods, knock on doors and get candy, this is called "Trick Or Treating".

       Halloween started over 3,000 years ago.   It started in England.  The people  in England  thought that the fires they built for warmth drew out what they thought were evil spirits.  Halloween marks the end of fall and the beginning of winter.  Witches are a big part of Halloween.  The word witch comes from the old english wicce meaning wise woman.  The christians called Halloween "all hallows even" for shorten they called it Halloween.

    Halloween is a fun alternative for children . There is a lot of history behind it .A lot of fun activities are done ,like carving pumpkins ,decorating, and dressing up.




    My Favorite Christmas Movie

    Christmas Vacation
    By Kaleb P.

    My favorite christmas movie is Christmas Vacation.I like it because its funny,and the dad is stupid.Another reason is because his family doesn't know crap.Also they are just so crazy that I could never stop watching the movie.

    THE  END