Fairhope Middle School’s

    Strategies To Improve Academic Performance and Close the Gap

    • Pre-AP/Advanced classes in Math, English, and Science to increase academic rigor with LTF strategies  
    • Implementation of Guided Reading Program to strengthen reading skills
    • Test Prep classes for students who were close to benchmark on standardized tests in math and/or reading, as well as intervention classes for at-risk students 
    • Continued implementation of USATestprep in reading
    • Writing across the curriculum with the use of writing prompts in all subjects
    • Continued implementation of IXL Math, IXL English, and IXL Science
    • Study Skills course for 7th grade students presented by homeroom teachers in the first nine weeks of school to improve study habits, test-taking skills, and academic performance
    • Peer tutoring program in all 4-core subjects  twice weekly supervised by the Counselors that includes homework assistance; after-school tutoring by teachers when available
    • RTI (Response to Instruction/Intervention) to implement academic strategies for struggling students
    • Recognition of academic achievement to promote academic excellence; National Junior Honor Society recognition; All “A” Honor Roll each quarter listed on the school website; Outstanding Students of the Semester recognition; State test recognition 
    • Continued professional development of teachers, including depth of knowledge training
    • Planned activities to reward school attendance and attendance workshops conducted by the School Counselors that emphasize the importance of attendance and the impact on academic performance and achievement of career/education goals