• What is a database? 
    A database is simply a collection of information that is organized so it is easy to access, explore, and search. Databases can be organized in many ways, but most are organized by subject.

    Alabama Virtual Library
    The Alabama Virtual Library is one of the most useful resources at your disposal. This Web site is provided by the State of Alabama for the use of all Alabama citizens. The databases you can access and explore here are excellent sources of reliable, scholarly articles that are appropriate for use in any project or report.

    How to Use the Alabama Virtual Library

    1. Go to the Alabama Virtual Library Web site.
      (You should be logged in automatically via Geolocation. Read more about that HERE.)

    2. Select “Student Resources” from the top menu. The databases are divided into groups by age or grade-level to help you choose material that will be appropriate for your assignment.

    3. Click on “High School Resources.” These are the databases that you will use most of the time. However, there are times that you may want to go to other sections, such as “College and University.”

    4. Searching these databases is different than searching on the general Web. The more experience you have using them, though, the better you will get! (See the Tips section below.)

    5. The following lists will help you decide which databases to use:

      AVL – Databases by Topic

      AVL – Database Descriptions


    • Take time to explore the site. The more you use it, the better you will become at using it!

    • Using a general search engine, search for other tutorials on specific databases.