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    Baldwin County Public Schools, partnering with Microsoft, is proud to offer free access to products in the Microsoft Office suite to all high school students who are currently enrolled in the district. Included in the package is: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Each product may be installed on up to five (5) devices. To access the installation page, review the following steps:

    – Navigate to portal.office.com


    – Sign in using the following credentials
          – User Name: [Student’s Moodle User Name]@bcbelearn.com
             (ex., john.smith0701@bcbelearn.com)
          – Password: Student’s five-digit lunch PIN


    – Once logged in, click the "Install Now” button

    NOTE: Office365 will auto-detect the device and will install the appropriate version of their software. (i.e., Mac vs. PC). This offer applies to HIGH SCHOOL students only. If the student does not recall their Moodle user name, contact the local school office. 

    If there are any issues regarding the actual installation, call Microsoft at 1-800-865-9408.