Goals for Our Classroom Behavior                                    Mrs. Donley

    • Attendance- If you are here you will learn more and missing school is more difficult than coming to school.
    • Respect all the belongings in the classroom pencils, borders, books, computers…
    • Books and backpacks are to stay off the floor.
    • Cubbies are to be kept clean, so use the trashcan for trash.
    • Pencil sharpening is to be done before class. During class trade your pencil for a sharpened one.

    Borrow a pencil then return a pencil. 

    • When I/classmates speak, keep your hand down until the classmate/ I are finished speaking.

    If you are worried you will forget the question, then write it down.

    Do not interrupt others as it is rude, and we are not rude people!   Put trash in the trash can before or after class.

    • Assignments- Turn all assignments in on time, since late assignments will lose 10 points a day until turned in.
    • Homework- Read 20-30 minutes a night.
    • Make-up work is to be completed at home except for tests which will be made up at school.
    • All belongings are to be picked up before the room is cleaned or you leave it.


    Questions to ask yourself when you are making choices:

    Are you being safe?

    Are you being responsible?

    Are you being respectful?



    • Make-up folders are near the classroom door.
    • You are to find the day you were absent.

    Example: November 1 would be the file labeled 1.

    • Collect your work.
    • You are responsible for getting daily notes from other students.
    • Questions- ask another student or come to me for answers.
    • Within 5 days return the completed work to the Finished Work Folder.






    • Students should show respect for school and personal property and respect the rights of others through their words and actions.
    • Students will not be permitted to have in their possession, smoke, or use tobacco in any form on the school campus, when riding buses, or on school-sponsored trips.
    • Students will not be permitted to sell, use, or have in their possession alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
    • Students will not be allowed to have the following items:
    • Phones,CD, iPods, MP3 players, cameras and radios are not allowed at school. The classroom teacher will notify parents of exceptions (fieldtrips) after the teacher has acquired approval from administration.
    • Students may be allowed to bring IPADs, Kindles, or other electronic readers to school for the use of reading only.  Teachers will be expected to monitor their use and students must adhere to the use of electronic devices/internet policy established by the BCBOE. 







    New policy as of 7/20/18