Belief and Mission Statement

  • Belief Statement/Philosophy

    As school counselors, we believe that a comprehensive counseling program is a necessity to the success of all students.  The counseling program should be able to assist students in three areas:  personal/social, education, and career.  We believe that it is our job to work with students to enhance their achievement in order to become successful, productive citizens.

    We believe that all students are unique and all students face challenges.  It is our job to work diligently with students to assist them in making decisions, finding paths, and a course of action to help them grow and develop.  We believe that along with being an advocate for the students, we are also to be advocates for parents, the school, and the community. 

    In order for us to be successful as school counselors, we understand that we must possess certain characteristics.  The characteristics that we possess and feel are essential are: empathy, passion, and non-judgmental.  It is important that we treat every student with the utmost respect and understanding, regardless of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, or academic achievement.  Every child is precious and deserves a passionate and fair counselor.


    Mission Statement

    Our mission in the Counseling Department at Bay Minette Middle School is to provide services that will support and enhance the personal growth and development of our students.  Services offered are designed to assist students in meeting their personal goals while maintaining the high standards of the Baldwin County School System.  We provide support to maximize student potential and academic, career, and personal/social achievement.