Fairhope Choral Program Clef Notes

    Program Re-Established in 2014


              The Fairhope Choral Program is now in its 6th year of rebuilding. The choral program was cut, due to budgets restraints, in 2008.

    At Fairhope High School we have: The Concert Choir, Ensemble-“ENCORE”

    • The Concert Choir is a group of beginners as well as seasoned singers.
    • The Ensemble – ENCORE is an audition-based group of 12-16 members who perform throughout the community. .
    • The Concert Choir is an environment that gives the advanced student the opportunity to embrace what they have learned and help the beginner singer.

             As a high school choral teacher, I communicate with the parents and our community about the importance of music education for every child. Often, a single concert measures the success of a music program. While it is true that a performance demonstrates the students’ mastery of skills, it is only one aspect of our program here at FHS.  For my students, the essence of my program lies in the development of artistic appreciation, musical expression, musical skills, individual self-worth, and communication skills.

    At Fairhope, the music classes are designed to prepare students to be responsible. Our goal is achieving excellence as musicians!


    Graduates of Fairhope High School Choral Department


    Clark Peterson- 2017 USA- Piano and Vocal major

    Owen Trotter-2017- New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary- Church Music

    Josh Bell- 2017 -University of Mobile -minor in music

    Connor Thompson- 2017 Mississippi State- Music major

    Nick Smith- 2018 -Musical Theater Major at Carnegie Melon

    Ave Hanson- 2019 minor in music at Southern Miss

    Elise Taylor- 2018 Birmingham Southern- minor in music

    Mary Bradley Knighton- 2019 -USA- Vocal Performance Major/minor in piano

    Summerlyn Powers - 2019 Belmont University – Songwriting