• Lauren's Kids Lessons
    The purpose of this curriculum is to empower your students to protect themselves and others from abuse by arming them with protective principles. 
     ****Parents are welcome to view the curriculum through the counseling department**** 
    Lesson 1-Self Esteem and Personal Power
    This lesson introduces the concept of personal power and the red flags that alert us to unsafe situations.
    Lesson 2-Fitting In and Acceptance
    This lesson introduces the concept of safe vs. unsafe relationships and the balance of power in relationships.
    Lesson 3-Grooming and Boundaries
    Students will learn about "Grooming."  Grooming is a technique used by abusers to find a potential victim and identify  his or her vulnerability. 
    Lesson 4-A.C.T.-Abuse, Disclosure, and Getting Help
    The concepts of abuse and disclosure are introduced in this lesson.  Students will learn that grooming and abuse can occur in many different situations with different people in their lives. 
    Lesson 5-Isolation: Staying Safe in the Virtual World
    Students will learn about the possible cyber dangers and the importance of being very careful about information they share online. 
    Lesson 6-S.A.F.E.: It's Ok To Tell
    This lesson reviews the concepts introduced in the previous lessons and exhibits how students can use their personal power.