– Connect 2 Business –  


    We are excited to connect Baldwin County businesses that have workforce needs with students and their valuable skill sets. This is a new opportunity courtesy of Baldwin County Public Schools through use of our Alabama Career Development Planning Tool.

    A link to a flyer with pertinent information is available. This is still in the pilot phase. Any business may establish an account at any time, a powerpoint is also provided with step by step instructions to establish an account. Students will begin (in August) establishing an account into the Alabama Career Planning System web portal they may do so at any time. Students can begin exploring job opportunities upon establishing an account – so it pays to check back regularly as the number of students participating increases each day as we get word of this new program to students. 
    This initiative is to provide businesses in Baldwin County a venue to advertise job opportunities to students enrolled in Baldwin County Public High Schools.

    If you should have questions, please see the contact information at the bottom of the flyer.

    Thank you for your patience as we launch this new service. Great things happen when we work together!