• Welcome to Fairhope Robotics for the year 2017. 

    This is the first year that robotics was offered as a class. The goal of this class is to develop a student's interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students in this class will learn the fundamentals of dc and ac circuit analysis. Students will build basic electronic circuits and take measurements for voltage, current and resistance. Students will learn how electronic components like the diode, the transistor and  the capacitor both operate and function in an electronic circuit. Students will learn how to program the Arduino micro-controller using a version of the C and the C++ programming language. Finally students will use their understanding of electronics and microprocessor programming to design and build a robot to perform a designated task. 


    Below are video links and pictures of the students work for his year.


    Video Links

    BridgeBot                                   Fire Fighting Robot

    WalkingRobot                            Heat Seeking Robot

    StarsBot                                     ClawBot









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