• Google Classroom Moodle


    To access information about your student's assignments, quizzes and resources, please log into Google, open Google Classroom, and choose Computer Essentials or Digital Journalism (whichever class your student has with me). You will need your student’s username and password (same credentials your student uses to log into the Chromebook).  Here's the link to Google sign-in: https://goo.gl/XzsmFy.  If you have provided an email address in iNow, you will also receive an invite to join our Google Classroom wherein you can also view the activities and track your student's progress.  There is also a Google Classroom calendar that will list each assignment by due date, accessible by clicking on the three horizontal lines to the left of the words "Google Classroom.  Here is a video showing how to access the Google Classroom calendar. Access Google Calendar

    I will also add tentative assignment due dates and test dates to a Goolge calendar located below each course's syllabus.

    We will not use Moodle.