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    Instagram: daphneeastcounselors  

    Keri Jones: K-3


    A little about me …. personally. 

    • I have four children.
    • I live in Fairhope.
    • And I am a very animated Auburn fan!

    A little about me….professionally.

    • I have worked as a school counselor since 2000.
    • All of these years have been in Daphne.
    • I was a children’s therapist prior to my school counseling experience.
    • My goal is to help children reach their emotional, social, and academic potential.
    • I am available to help you in any way that I can.
    • I am always up for shenanigans, dressing up, dancing, acting silly. I do draw the line at singing. I have been known to lip sync, but not sing. For all of our benefit.

    Visit Mrs. Jones website for K-3.



    Instagram: daphneeastcounselors 




    Kelley Morris: 4-6


    A little about me...personally.

    • I have 2 daughters.
    • I have two cats but love all animals, especially orcas.
    • I live in Spanish Fort but am originally from central Florida.
    • After living in Alabama for over 10 years now, I finally enjoy watching football! Roll tide!
    • I love sweet treats, especially beignets from Mo'Bay Beignets.

    A little about me...professionally.

    • I have worked as a school counselor for 9 years.
    • This is my fifth year at Daphne East. I previously worked as a school counselor in Pensacola, FL.
    • I am the Peer Helper coordinator at Daphne East and loving it!
    • Email is the best way to reach me.
    • Let me know how I can help! Our goal is for our students to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.






    What do school counselors do?

    Individual, small group and whole group counseling

    504 Coordinator

    RTI / PST

    Building Test Coordinator

    Homebound Services Coordinator

    Homeless Liaison

    Big Brother/Big Sister Coordinator

    Peer Helpers Co-sponsor

    DHR/Alta Pointe Liaison

    School Counseling Advisory Chair

    Responsible for Staff Trainings

    Red Ribbon Week

    Thanksgiving/Christmas Philanthropic Drives

    Lauren’s Kids Curriculum

    Bullying Prevention Week

    National Suicide Prevention Week

    Random Acts of Kindness Week

    National School Counseling Week

    National Youth Violence Prevention Week

    Teacher Appreciation Week

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