Rules and Procedures
  • Rules (Posted in my Classroom):

    1)Follow directions quickly.

    2)Raise your hand for permission to speak.

    3) Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.

    4) Make good choices.

    5) Keep your dear teacher happy.

    6) Only say kind words.


    Consequences (depends on the level of the behavior- see handbook):

    1) Warning

    2) Silent lunch 

    3) Call home

    4) Parent conference

    5) Office referral


    ***We are going to discuss what the rules look like in my classroom during the first week of classes ****





    1) Enter classroom quietly.

    2) Have your calendar, homework, and anything else that needs to be turned in on your desk.

    3) Sharpen your pencil when directed by teacher.

    4) Teacher will collect calendars around 8:00 am to take attendance.

    5) After calendars are collected, lunch count will be taken by teacher.

    6) Students need to be completing their warm up or reading silently until further directions are given.


    Entering Classroom for block 2 and 3:

    1) Enter classroom quietly.

    2) Sit down in assigned seat.

    3) Sharpen pencils when directed by teacher.

    4)  Get out homework or anything that needs to be turned in on your desk.

    5) Begin warm up. (It will be posted on the board or given to them at the beginning of the week)

    6) Teacher will provide any more necessary directions to turn in things as needed.


    Leaving the classroom:

    1) Pack up all your things including your pencil on top of your desk.

    2) Clean your area on and around your desk.

    3) Stand behind your chair quietly.

    4) Wait for teacher to call table or number to line up.


    Make up Work

    1) It is the student's job to ask Mrs. Canfield for their makeup work when they return.

    2) After asking for makeup work, Mrs. Canfield will have it by the end of the day after P.E. unless she has a meeting during planning.  If she has a meeting, Mrs. Canfield will get you your makeup the next morning.  

    3) Return work within 3 days of your return.

    4) Tests or quizzes will be made up during intervention time.