• Eighth grade is an exciting time for students at Spanish Fort Middle School! They are the oldest students with many more privileges and responsibilities. However, great power comes with great responsibility.

    The faculty and staff at SFMS have high expectations for all students, but especially 8th graders. Whether they are aware of it or not, 8th graders are the role models for our 6th and 7th-grade students. 8th graders should always be thinking about the example they are setting. Is it positive or negative? Are you helping or hindering society?

    The 8th-grade teachers have developed a grade-wide procedure and policy syllabus just for the 8th-grade students. Much time and effort were put into this syllabus so that students will always know what is expected of them at SFMS.

    In addition to having high expectations for student behavior, the teachers have high academic expectations! Students should always put forth their very best effort to learn every day. The teachers put in many, many hours planning for student learning, so take advantage of it, students!

    We sincerely hope that this is your best year ever!


    8th Grade Policy and Procedures Syllabus


    Best Year Ever