Log into Parent Portal

  • Accessing the Parent Portal: Please use the following browsers to access the parent portal: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. DO NOT use Internet Explorer. Two options will be displayed to log in:

    Sign-in:  This box is for signing-in by the returning customers who already have a password. This will allow you to login into Parent PortalReturning Parent After School Logo

    New Account: This box is for families who are new to the program. They have to click on this link to register and open a new account.  Note: Families with an account number should not click on this link as it may create a duplicate account. Click here to Access the Parent Portal

    New After School Account Logo  


After School Payments

  • Charges are posted every Thursday for the following week and need to be paid in full Sunday by Midnight to avoid late payment fee. To make an after school payment click here.
    1.  Fees are charged based on Registration and are not influenced by attendance.  
    2.  Late payment fee is $5.00 per child that is enrolled in the program.

After School Tax Statement

  • Printing Invoices, Transactions, Receipts, & Tax Statements 
    *To Print Invoices, Transactions, Receipts, & Tax Statement follow the below instructions after loging into the Parent Portal* To print statements click on the [View Statement] button in the 'Payments & Statements' section of the Home page.

    From the 'Statements' page, you can:

    1.  Print invoices after selecting the desired Service Period.

    2.  Print transaction reports for a specific time period.

    3.  Print receipts.

    4.  Print tax statements for a selected financial year.  *(The Tax ID is listed at the top of the Tax Statement)

    To generate these invoices, receipts, tax statements, click on the [Print] button.
    To generate a payment transaction report for a specific time period, click on the [Payment] button.
    To generate a statement with transaction details for a specific time period, click on the [Statement] button.

    After School Tax Statement Logo