Updated Dec 8, 2021



    Greetings to all. 



    Congrats to the following Archers, in no particular order.  There were 4 ties so the team is 26 archers. 

    Bryce Graham
    Ava Lee
    Preston Cordell
    Aksil Bouriche
    Waverley Fulford
    Brandt Gardner
    Bella Chancery
    Eve Mckeever
    Pierce Jones
    River Nunn
    Ellie Boyer
    Jasmine Allen
    David Allen
    Lyla Nelson
    Abigail Turner
    Dylan Harper
    Ferris Hapworth
    Madison Burts
    Elaine Walker
    Cortlen Dortch
    Luke Ullrich
    Jackson Horn
    Connor Fagan
    Logan Willis
    Owen Kane

    Aydin Johnson

    Carter Wallace


    We will meet FRIDAY morning outside my classroom (Rm 24) after morning announcements to discuss the practice/tournament schedule.  


    Here's the Info Handout we covered in our Info Meeting.


    Archery Info


    As with last year, we will follow the National Schools in Archery Program (NASP) rules and regulations regarding curriculum, equipment, and competitions.  Here's the link for more info:  NASP Info


    As a reminder, here are the 11 Steps to Archery Success.


    11 Steps to Archery Success


    Here's the tentative Practice & Tournament schedule:


    Tentative Practice & Tournament Schedule


    Be safe.





    2021-22 Archery Team

    Fairhope Middle School

    Coach Terry Norris