Just like every school in Baldwin County, Fairhope Middle School has a safety plan which is regularly reviewed and practiced. Our school district has an outstanding partnership with local law enforcement and the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office and the Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

    However, school safety is a team effort. Students must understand that keeping FMS safe means that they should report any dangerous, unsafe behaviors to adults including threats of violence, and student possession of any weapon. We need students to be "upstanders," and if they see something, or hear something, to say something. 

    Sometimes students are concerned about being called a "snitch" if they report it. There are important differences between "snitching/tattling" and reporting.

    Snitching/Tattling is when:

    • The student tattling wants to get someone else in trouble or avoid blame.
    • The student tattling may have something to gain, such as attention or popularity.
    • No one is hurt or in danger.
    • It is not an important problem and can be solved without an adult.
    • The student threatens to tell on another in order to control the other student.

    Reporting is when:

    • The student reporting wants to keep themselves or others safe.
    • The student reporting is concerned about safety.
    • The problem is important and urgent.
    • Someone may be hurt or in danger.
    • An adult is needed to help solve the problem.


Baldwin County Public Schools Emergency Operations Plan

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