• attendance Absences in Elementary School and Middle School (Grades K-8)

    Students in grades K-8 schools may not exceed nine (9) unexcused absences per year. If a student misses more than half of the school day (11:30am), a full absence will be accumulated. A student and a student’s parent or guardian shall be given written notice when a student’s unexcused absences exceed four (4) days. The student could be retained if unexcused absences exceed nine (9) unexcused days per year. If the maximum number of unexcused absences is exceeded, the student and parent/guardian may petition the Attendance Committee for review of the reasons for the absences. Petition for review by the Attendance Committee may be filled-out at any time after notification, but in any event, no later than 30 calendar days after the final day of the semester. The Attendance Committee shall review the student’s entire attendance record and documented excuses to determine whether to allow the student to pass.

    NOTE- The Early Warning Program will remain in effect.

    Written Explanation for All Absences (Grades K-12)

    Every parent, guardian, or other person having control or charge of any child required to attend public school, private school, or church school, shall as soon as practical explain the cause of any absence of the child under his control or charge which was without permission of the teacher. (Alabama Code (1975) § 16-28-15) Failure to furnish such explanation shall be admissible as evidence of such child being a truant with the consent and connivance of the person in control or charge of the child, unless such person can show to the reasonable satisfaction of the court that he had no knowledge of such absence and that he had been diligent in his efforts to secure the attendance of such child. (Alabama Code (1975) § 16-28-15) A written note from parents or guardians will excuse absences for up to but not exceeding nine (9) absences in grades K-8.  (Only 9 parent notes per year are permitted.)



    The fundamental right to attend public school places upon students the accompanying responsibility to be faithful in attendance. Regular attendance can be assumed to be essential for a student’s successful progress in the instructional program. The following absences shall be considered excused absences, provided that in each instance parental confirmation of the reason for the absence has been received.  Parents are required to explain in writing all absences. An excused absence permits work to be made up.

    (a)   Illness or death in the immediate family.

    (b) Inclement weather which would be dangerous to the life or health of the pupil if he/she attended school.

    (c) Legal quarantine or emergency condition as determined by the superintendent or principal

    (d) Permission of principal and consent of parent (i.e., absence to observe traditional religious holiday).

    Except in emergency situations, out of town trips must have the principal’s approval prior to taking the trip if the absence is to be coded excused. A student, upon returning to school, shall have three school days to bring a written statement from his parent, guardian or other person having control of the student, with an explanation or the reason for the absence and the date of the absence. No late excuses will be accepted after the third day, and the absence will be unexcused permanently.  Students having tardies or absences shall be disciplined accordingly. Students having unexcused absences or tardies shall be disciplined accordingly to procedures outlined in the Early Warning Program. Individual schools may devise additional rules to ensure compliance with this regulation.



    Pupils who leave school for any reason must check out through the principal’s office. Parents must send a written note of permission for any pupil to leave school for any reason except when sudden illness, accident or similar incident occurs. The nature of the checkout will determine whether the absence from any part of the school day will be excused. Only an excused checkout permits work to be made up.