Orange Beach Educational Foundation

  • Where amazing things Get Done! for Orange Beach Students
    Consistent community involvement and engagement at all levels of the school have been shown time and time again to have significant short and long term benefits.

    According to a recent  brief from the National Education Association (NEA), “when schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and enroll in higher level programs”.   

    Our Objectives:
    Promote awareness and increase educational opportunities for the students in Orange Beach schools through fundraising, community involvement, and grant sponsorships
    Manage and allocate resources in partnership with donors, parents, students, school district and local community.
    Partner with schools, parents, and community to develop a strategic plan for continuous educational improvements for Orange Beach schools.
    Secure funding for enhanced educational experiences.
    Connect teachers and students to various community resources.
    Provide support for enhanced academics in the classroom and extra-curricular activities. 

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