• Students are encouraged to spend 5 minutes EVERY night reviewing Science material.  This can be done in several ways:

    1.  Moodle practice quizzes - Each unit will have 3-4 unlimited practice quizzes that close the day of the test.

    2.  Quizlet - Each unit will have 2-3 Quizlets.  Students can make flash cards, play games, or create practice tests.

    3.  Notebooks - Each students has a notebook that should contain all the information they need for each unit.


    To access your child's Moodle page:

    1.  learn.bcbe.org

    2.  Ask your child for their login

    3.  Select our Science class, scroll to the bottom of the currect unit and look at the "What did I miss?" section.  You will find a list of what is covered for each day.