• How Do You Let It Go?

    Stress Relief Techniques and Tips

    Written and Produced by SFMS 8th Graders


    Sleep/ Naps                                                                                                Crafts

    Listen to music                                                                                           Smiling

    Movies                                                                                                       Clean up

    Take a break                                                                                               Ice Cream

    Spend time with friends                                                                               Deep breathing

    Fitness/exercise                                                                                          Outdoor activities

    Attend Church                                                                                             Clear mind

    Read                                                                                                          Counting

    Sports                                                                                                        Brainstorming-Think it Through

    Family                                                                                                        Try a new hobby

    Eat                                                                                                             Baking

    Beach                                                                                                         Turn off Digitally

    Vacations                                                                                                    Horseplay

    Take ride with family                                                                                    Singing

    Go on a date                                                                                                Fidget spinner

    Love on Pet                                                                                                  Puzzles

    Talking                                                                                                        Play piano

    Video games                                                                                                Watch TV

    Hugging                                                                                                       Make videos

    Go to your safe place                                                                                    Go fishing

    Meditate                                                                                                       Relax

    Spa                                                                                                              Anime

    Go on walks                                                                                                  Crochet

    Drink water                                                                                                   Memes

    Shopping                                                                                                      Gym-gains

    Dance                                                                                                           Bike riding

    Productive activities                                                                                       Hang on the dock

    YouTube                                                                                                        People Watch

    Netflix                                                                                                           Social Media

    Bath/Shower                                                                                                  Play with train

    Paint/Draw                                                                                                     Relax at pool

    Laugh/Humor                                                                                                 Swimming

    Pray                                                                                                              Running/sprinting

    Think Positive                                                                                                 Crying

    Get involved                                                                                                   Card games

    Keep busy                                                                                                       Join a club

    Write                                                                                                              Hunting

    Board games                                                                                                   Role Play/Acting

    Lay in the hammock                                                                                         Skateboarding/Skating

    Deep thought                                                                                                  Give/Receive Compliments

    Cook                                                                                                               Goofing Off

    Fresh air/outside                                                                                              Streaming Videos

    Amusement Parks                                                                                            Fixing things

    Yoga                                                                                                               Farming

    Target Practice                                                                                                Ziplining

    Playing Tag                                                                                                     Riding 4-wheeler

    Working on cars                                                                                              Yardwork

    Photography                                                                                                   Boating