• Electives and Other Staff Groups

    Teacher emails, room numbers, bios, and web page links can be found in the full TEACHER AND STAFF DIRECTORY.


    Brooks, Elizabeth (Art) 

    Ham, Diane (Piano and Chorus)

    Petersen, Meredyth (Band)

    McClay, Kristina (Art)

    Rawlinson, Cody (Dance)

    Rogers, Hannah (Theatre)

    Career Tech

                Chambers, Carol

                Coleman, Cody

                Collins, Trae

                Davis, Kristie

                Machen, Clay

    PE and Health

        Agee, Cassandra

        Berry, Scott (Health and Outdoor Sports)

        George, Gabby (Health)

                Johnson, Solomon

        Maceina, Vaughn

    Drivers Education

    Domino, C.

    Nelson, C.

    Powell, Lacey


                McKinzey, Melanie

                Peterson, Molly


     Williams, Joel

    Curriculum Leader

     Wainwright, Stephanie

    Athletic Director

                Tim Carter

    DRS Technician (Computer Help Desk)

                Randa Lewis


     Sannes, Stephanie


     Toomey, Melanie - Co-op Director, South Baldwin Center for Technology

    School Nurses

    Rencher, Christine

    Social Worker

     Barrett, Anna


    Crocker, Crista

    Davis, Diane

    Falcon-Diaz, Carmen

    Fulkerson, Kara

    Key, Mariana / Pre-K

    Odom, Jennifer / OCS

    ------------- / Driver’s Ed

    Perrin, Erik

    Tucker, Curtis

    Whitten, Kirstin


    Custodial Staff

    Trae Ward, Building and Grounds Manager

    Stanley Burrell

    Bernard Dacus

    Alexis French

    Sarah Holloway

    Jennifer Hobbs

    Theodore Matthews

    Ana Molina

    Chris Patrick


    Cafeteria Staff

    Misty Seay,  Manager

    Amanda McMahon Asst Manager

    Kayla Bishop

    Sheila Edwards

    Irina Rees

    Samantha Rosser

    Michelle Wilson