The Jamari Terrell Williams Student Bullying Prevention Act has been signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey; it became effective on June 1, 2018. This new Act replaces the Anti-Harassment Policy that had previously been adopted by school systems throughout the state of Alabama.


    Jamari Terrell Williams Act

    No Bully Zone  



     Stop Bullying

    Bullying K-5 Recommended Resources

    Bully Proof Strategies for Parents

    Bullying at School and Online: Facts for Parents

    Bullying Toolkit: Top Ten Actions for Parents

    What Parents Can Do: Stay Involved

    What We Know

    Types of Bullying 

    What bullying can look like in elementary school


    1. Bullies in elementary school are more likely to pick on children younger than themselves.
    2. Bullying is often physical in nature
    3. The intention of bullying behavior is purposeful, rather than accidental
    4. The goal is to gain control over another child through physical or verbal aggression
    5. Physical bullying: hitting, kicking, pinching, etc.
    6. Verbal bullying: name-calling, unwelcome teasing, spreading rumors, gossiping
    7. Social bullying: excluded from a group, threatening notes, letters, words, or actions


    Symptoms that could signal a child might be a victim of bullying:

    • acts moody, sullen, or withdraws from family interaction • becomes depressed • loses interest in school work, or grades drop • loses appetite or has difficulty getting to sleep • waits to use the bathroom at home • arrives home with torn clothes, unexplained bruises • asks for extra money for school lunch or supplies, extra allowance • refuses to go to school