The National Association of Peer Program Professionals has defined peer helping as a "variety of supportive services initiated by peers in diverse settings. Peers are individuals who share common characteristics and experiences."


    Peer helper jobs and scheduled times are listed below. Students should click on each link below when they complete a job. It's for documentation purposes only. We need the documentation to show what our program consist of.  Periodically peer helpers will be asked to do other jobs around campus such as Red Ribbon week activities, assist with surveys for younger students, assist with preschool students, etc. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns about peer helper jobs. Dawn Johnson 

    Gym Job Login     

    7:20am on assigned day

    Campus Job Login   

    Prek aid- 7:40am       

    Announcements- 7:40am   

    ABE Store- 7:30am     

    Office Runner- 7:30am and 2:30pm  

    Classroom Job Login 

    During PE time


    Peer Helper Meetings-  twice per month during club time

    Peer Helper Training- October 18th at Five Rivers (this training will be for peer helpers only). We really need them to focus on team building, and collaborating with other students. 

    Jubilee Field Trip- November 6th

    Christmas Field Trip- TBA 

    Special Olympics- TBA 


    Baldwin County School's Peer Helper Page

    Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation