• Guided Reading and Differentiated Small-Group Instruction

    As part of Scholastic Literacy, teachers across the county are using Guided Reading strategies for reading instruction. Students are assessed and placed in small groups for more intensive instruction based on their needs. Scholastic's Next Step Guided Reading Assessments (NSGRA) are a proven assessment tool that provides educators with data to inform responsive instruction. The guided reading model includes diverse texts, short reads, and guided reading leveled bookrooms that meet the needs of all learners in the classroom.

    Our teachers participate in regularly-scheduled Guided Reading Cadres and Professional Learning Communities throughout the year to collaborate with other educators in the district and learn more about Guided Reading. We have an Instructional Coach who leads our teachers in professional development on content such as Guided Reading, Math, STEM, or other initiatives led by the district. Teachers are encouraged to enlist the help of the Instructional Coach at any time to improve their skills in the desired area. 

    At Elsanor Elementary, we have a Guided Reading Book Room containing thousands of books and guided reading materials for our faculty to use with our students!