• NetSmartz

    The Fairhope Middle School Counselors arrange for the Baldwin County Child Advocacy Center to provide an internet safety program for middle school students called "NetSmartz." Below is a brief overview of the presentation. 

    Internet Safety Teens 

    • Grades 7 & 8 
    • The five main risks discussed in this presentation: 
    • Inappropriate Content: Things you may not want teens seeing or posting online, including pornography, excessive violence, and hate speech. 
    • Online Privacy: The protection of a teen’s personal information such as passwords and phone numbers. 
    • Sexting: The use of cell phones to send sexual messages, pictures and videos. 
    • Online Sexual Solicitations: Unwanted requests to engage in sexual activities or talk, or any sexual request by an adult. 
    • Cyberbullying: The use of Internet technology or mobile technology, such as cell phones, to bully someone. 

     Internet Safety