• SADD is a national (and now, international) club known as Students Against Destructive Decisions. It fosters interaction among caring teachers and students who are trying to make their lives better by making every day's decisions positive ones. 

    We are a very active club here at RHS! In the fall, we have our Grim Reaper Day, in which our members are "reaped" for making destructive decisions (getting in the car with a drunk driver, doing drugs, texting while driving, etc.). This GR Day raises awareness as to how quickly a teen's life can be radically altered (for the worst) or even ended, by one wrong decision.

    Other activities include bake sales, car washes, anr Red Ribbon Week, which raises awareness of the need to be drug-free.

    A NEW activity we did this Christmas was one called "Operation Christmas Baby." We "adopted" one baby each, a boy and a girl, and collected items a needy family's newborn would need. The day before Christmas break, we brought these gifts to the hospital nearby. The nurses cried with joy when they realized what we had done, and they had two needy newborns in their unit that day! To get to see the babies who were receiving OUR gifts was a gift to all of US! 

    SADD membership is totally FREE! And now, if you join, you also get our newly-designed SADD t-shirt! 

    The club sponsor is Ms. Theresa Lacey, tlacey@bcbe.org