• 2021


    Hello future ACT test takers!

    As a junior in a Baldwin County Public School, you get to take the ACT free of charge on Tuesday, March 10 beginning at 8:00 AM.  We’ll be testing at our Daphne location, and we’re so excited to be able to provide that test for all of you.

    To be ready for test day, all juniors are required to complete the demographic portion of the test (name, address, where you want scores sent, etc.) before test day.  You’ll have two different demographic sessions to choose between:  Thursday, March 5 starting at 9:00 AM, or Friday, March 6 at 1:00 PM.  Both sessions will be held at the Daphne location.  If you have a conflict, contact Ms. Hunter at thunter@bcbe.org as soon as possible.  The free ACT test cannot be taken if demographics are not complete before test day.

    You now have about TWO (and a half) WEEKS before taking the ACT.  To help prepare for the test, you’ve been enrolled in a MOODLE course called “ACT Preparation Math Focus and other content overview 2020.”  There, you’ll find general test taking strategies and math specific practices.  The content should be learned in your regular math courses; however, we are providing additional content containing various example problems for extra practice.  

    There are several strategies for the math test and other content areas that these modules will bring to light.  Please be sure to READ everything published within each section in order to take full advantage of these resources. 

    It’s an exciting time to be a junior!  As this year comes to a close, focus on keeping your GPA high and knocking this ACT out of the park.  Both the ACT and your GPA impact college applications and scholarships, and we want for you to show the world how amazing you are. 

    NOTE: If you took ACT Prep last semester, then some of this will look familiar with additional problems worked out to help your studies.