• Dual Enrollment Information

    Dual Enrollment is FREE for up to 18 hours of Academic courses on our school campus. Students take these courses with qualified instructors and earn credit for high school graduation requirements and college credits simultaneously. 
    **Students are required to purchase the textbook for these courses.

    Career Technical options for Dual Enrollment do not have a limited amount of FREE hours. 

    The courses are college level courses and do require students to be commited to reading and studying. Students are recommended to have an 80 or higher in the current subject course in order to apply for Dual Enrollment the following year.

    Our options for courses include:
    HIS 201- 10th
    HIS 202- 11th
    ENG 101 & 102- 11th
    BIO 103- 11th or 12th
    ENG 271 & 272- 12th
    CUA 112
    -NBCT Courses
    -Fairhope Academy Courses

    New students can find information to apply for Dual Enrollment under our webpage by clicking Academics -- Course Registration or by clicking HERE!

    Students who wish to withdraw from Dual Enrollment courses or request a transcript be sent from Coastal Alabama to another college can do so at: Coastal Alabama Registrar Website