• Early Exit Policies and Procedures

    -Students who wish to graduate prior to May of their scheduled graduation year (based on the year they entered high school) may do so if they are 17 years old, fill out the form attached below, and meet the criteria outlined in the form (and below).
    -A meeting with the student(s) counselor is required at least ONE SEMESTER PRIOR to the requested graduation date.

    -Students MUST be "College and Career Ready" deemed by meeting a credential or benchmark score on standardized testing. The options for this include:

    • ACT score in ONE of the following
      • Reading - 22
      • English - 18
      • Science - 23
      • Math - 22
    • AP Score - 3 or higher
    • IB Score - 4 or higher
    • WorkKeys Score - 4's on all three sections
    • Military Enlistment - documentation must be provided
    • Credential earned in course (courses with this opportunity are denoted with ** on the course selection form)
    • Earned College Credit - Dual Enrollment is an acceptable form for this, but students must earn 70+ in the course to earn credit at the college level 

    For students who wish to graduate early, you will need to do the following:
    1. Read the guidelines linked below
    2. Complete the application linked below
    3. Email to your counselor for next year and schedule an appointment with your counselor and your parent to conference via phone regarding the requirements and guidelines of "Early Graduation."
    (A-G) MDombrowski@bcbe.org
    (H-O) CDarby@bcbe.org
    (P-Z) MSharp@bcbe.org

    Approval will be communicated to you via your iBaldwin (student) email. 

    Deadline to take the quiz in Google Classroom and to return the application to the (rising) counselor: MAY 1, 2020

    Please Note:

    • Early graduates are only eligible to receive the Alabama High School diploma, and not the Baldwin County CP + Distinction or IB diplomas
    • Early graduates are not eligible to return to play sports once they have completed the graduation requirements
    • Early graduates are considered graduates on the last day of the semester they complete their final graduation requirements
    • Early graduates may NOT re-enroll in high school after exiting
    • Early graduates may attend Homecoming and Prom
    • Early graduates may still participate in the graduation ceremony in the following May commencement
    • For students who change their mind about graduating early, a separate meeting will need to be requested to discuss and approve the change of status
    • Early graduation MAY affect competition for scholarships - especially if the early graduate elects to enroll in a post-secondary institution immediately following their graduation
      • Early graduates are responsible for ordering their cap and gown if they plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, and they are responsible for keeping up wtih senior dates and deadlines that may still apply to them after they exit. The best point of contact for this information is the librarian (Ms. Marler) regarding graduation ceremony and the senior counselor regarding scholarships and awards
    • Early graduates should complete the FAFSA as soon as possible in their final year of high school. This opens in October each year. Students who are already planning to graduate early can complete the FAFSA during their junior year to reserve grant and student loan money for college the following year.
    • Early graduation could affect insurance or social security benefits if the student is required to attend school year-long (August-May). It is the parent and student's responsibility to contact the appropriate departments for each to determine if this will negatively impact the student.
    • Early graduation could affect certain college savings accounts. It is the parent and student's responsibility to contact the appropriate departments for these to determine if this will negatively impact the student.
    • ALL graduation requirements must be met prior to being classified as a graduate, including earning the required credits, paying school fees, and earning a College and Career Readiness Credential (listed above)