• Co-Op Applications

    Co-operative Education (Co-op) integrates students' academic education(classroom-based learning) with relevant, supervised, and paid work or unpaid internship experience (work-based learning).

    This course is worth Career Technical Elective credit. Students DO receive a grade for this course based on earning the required hours at work each week, turning in their pay stub during each pay period, and checking in with Ms. Porter each week on the designated day. Students are also required to be evaluated by their employer and turn this in each quarter.

    For questions about the program, the coordinator for Co-Op is Ms. Porter. She can be reached at TPorter@bcbe.org. 

    • Students who participate are allowed to leave school for up to 3 periods in their schedule. 
    • Seniors are eligible for 5th, 6th, and 7th period Co-Op. This means they can leave after Study Hall ends. They are allowed to attend 1st lunch but are not required to do so.
    • Juniors are eligible for 6th and 7th period Co-Op. They are allowed to leave after 5th period concludes.  

    2020-2021 Process

    Due to the unexpected school closure, we are conducting the Co-Op process virtually this year.

    1. The application packet is available below via a linked document. Students must complete these in black or blue ink. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

    **These should be emailed to TPorter@bcbe.org no later than July 31st once they are complete.   

    **Teacher Recommendations can be completed digitally. The teachers have received a link to do so, so students only need to request that they complete one and to follow up to make sure that it was submitted. Do not wait until the deadline. 2-weeks of notice is requested for any recommendations that are completed by school staff! In light of our current circumstances, please request the recommendation from three teachers no later than April 17th.

    2. Ms. Porter will contact students for interviews. Students will receive information regarding this from Ms. Porter once they have turned in their packet via email to her.

    3. Mrs. Porter will provide the DHS counselors with a list of students who are approved, and these students will be placed in Co-Op for next year. 

    Note: Students who play sports that will meet during 7th period will not be eligible for Co-Op. If you are not sure, you are welcome to apply and complete the process in the meantime. The counselors receive rosters from the coaches and sports will take priority over Co-Op requests. 

    Note: Graduation requirements will take the top priority in a student's schedule. Students who have room to take the maximum number of periods of Co-Op are certainly welcome to do so. Students who lack graduation requirements will be placed in those courses first and Co-Op second.