Introduction to BCVE/MS

  • Baldwin County Public School System is passionate about providing the right educational setting for every child in our system. For many years we have realized the traditional classroom setting may not meet the needs each family.  To broaden the educational experience for students in Baldwin County, we are #baldwinproud to offer Baldwin County Virtual Elementary/ Middle School.

    Our purpose for expanding our virtual school to K-8 is to:   

    o   Complete our virtual offering by extending service from Kindergarten to graduation.

    o   Provide non-traditional students an excellent learning opportunity.

    o   To provide an accredited curriculum and strong academic support for homeschooled children.

    We know younger students need to hear and receive instruction from a “real teacher” for long term education success, and to this end we provide digital direct instruction delivered by master teachers through a digital platform.  Students will need to login to scheduled live meetings to receive direct instruction for the individual tasks they will be asked to complete.  Teachers will be available to help for "drop in" ditial tutoring and some in person tutoring by appointment when needed. 

    Children must have a learning partner who can stay with them and work with them on their personal challenges. These learning partners are family members or other trusted adults that families choose to help with technical issues, motivation, and organization to name a few.  The learning partner, student, and the school all work together to create a strong learning environment for families who chose a virtual learning experience.  

    Our virtual students are being provided a top of class, online curriculum in partnership with a national digital education vendor. Our custom program will utilize the same curriculum offered to all classroom based students with custom enhancements for our Baldwin County students. We will also provide scheduled "face to face" access to certified elementary teachers for tutoring at sites across Baldwin County.

    Baldwin County Virtual Elementary/ Middle School is committed to serving local families who choose to take this flexible, personalized, innovative educational path for elementary learning.  Our goal is to create an environment that balances high expectations for achievement with all the freedom that school at home has to offer.  Come see if we are a fit for you!