• All About Coping Skills

    Fairhope Middle School's Counseling Department conducts an All About Coping Skills program for students that includes a PowerPoint presentation, videos, and written activities. Topics include the following:

    What are Coping Skills?

    Types of Coping Skills

    Coping Skills Toolbox

    Self-Talk and Coping

    Thoughts Effect Emotions and Behavior

    Where do feelings come from?

    Using Positive Self-Talk

    Challenging Self-talk

    Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

    Replacement Thoughts

    Unhelpful Thinking Styles


    Coping with Anxiety

    Positive Coping Strategies to Deal with Stress and Emotions

    50 Ways to Take a Break and Coping Skills

    Coping Skills Checklist 

    Coping with the Ups and Downs of Middle School Friendships

    The Guide to Making New Friends

    Tips for Making and Keeping Friends

    10 Ways to Start a Friendship/10 Ways to End a Friendship

    Coping with Friendships- Using Positive Self-Talk

    My Coping Skills Checklist and Positive Self-Talk/Coping Thoughts Worksheets